Being on this versatile, fast-paced and challenging client, I gained how to drum up my soft and hard skills in the conference to client facing environments. While also improving process for the LOB on the way. I can say this LOB has shaped up to be the best buttoned up LOB for R/GA – Verizon.

Challenge: R/GA needed to be cost-competitive with production of OLA without compromising speed-to-market or scalability for the always-on ACQ line of business, being served through Flashtalking.

Action: Dedicated design and production teams(cross office) allowed for familiarity with the line of business, the speed of the timelines and ongoing experience with the platform. Along with an agile methodology production method in place which streamlined process over all.

Result: Have launched ~30 promos in 2017 (~135 banners) in 1H 2017 while projecting to launch even more in the 2H 2017. Along with Social creative output

My role on this always on this LOB:

  • Client relationships

    • Maintained and increased a good relationship with the lob client.
    • Client expectations when relating back to project management (timeline, PE and deliverables).
  • Communication

    • Shown the ability to communicate on individual projects and swim lanes, communicating timelines, status, etc to the clients and internally, working collaboratively with client services and improving how comms went out to the teams.
    • Consulted on numerous LOBs as it pertains to working with VM1, FT and other external partners.
    • Process collaborations with cross disciplines; manages and resources capabilities and departments within the team.
  • Financial Management

    • Supported ACQ LOA and helped create the À la carte menu development on estimates that we use for this LOB.
    • Developed the template estimate for the ACQ LOB. The LOB uses the ala carte is now taking effect.
    • Incremental costs relating to PE and works with finance to track and OOP costs
    • Managed burn on digital and social promos, ensuring the hours are put in correctly that relates back to the finance expectations. Course corrects if needed.

  • Innovation and Quality

    • Researched, vetted and presented in front of Group 5(R/GA) Google Keep on own volition.
    • Instrumental working on CACE, which is a Bob Greenberg/Diego Scotti endeavor.
    • Always current on latest releases for utilized tools: Slack, Google Docs, etc.
    • First line of evaluation for new tools being proposed (see: JIRA, Smartsheets).
    • Ensured that the detail of the work LOB outputs is up to par with our R/GA standards.
  • Leadership and People Management

    • Owner of the initial trafficking process documentation for Group 5, as well as a principal owner of the initial ACQ process documentation for other producers rolling onto ACQ.
    • Trained other AP, on roles and responsibilities, helping them grow into a full production team member and, overall, helping manage on a day-to-day basis to ensure growth and good fundamental production practices.

  • Culture

    • Drives a culture of positivity on the team, whether it be staying positive in the face of a daunting task, a stressful week or bad news. A solution-oriented producer.
    • Encourages and facilitates team outings and social events that help improve the morale and camaraderie of the team, as well as improve relationships between team members and departments.
  • Project Management

    • Led my own swim lane for the Holiday program – the largest on Verizon. Demonstrated commitment to the highest standards in my own deliverables along with full campaign team.
    • Constantly had multiple promos to manage, including social ACQ promos-only.
    • Principal developer in our current set of process documents, including, but not limited to: Hot Sheet, Hit List, RACI, Media Deck, Promo Deck, 2017 Digital Summary Deck, Creative Review Input Doc, Weekly Creative Reporting Deck and Road Map.


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