Prevacid24hr Responsive Website Build Kit

Our goal here was to revamp this old design into a more modern(responsive) site. We intended to target a certain interest  in order to increase lead, traction and sales. I carefully help plan, organize, oversee and manage resources to achieve RWD and help meet its specific live date. I ensured that the proper deliverables were in the scope, defined proper functionality, proper channels were built for analytics ensured that milestones were met in order to launch this RWD. I managed relations with third party developers along with third party vendors. Could not have done this without my great team; creative, U/X, client service and developers to overhaul this site.

I helped ensure that we cut cost/time at any given time. We were tasked to utilize Zen Garden for the developmental aspect for this website. The reasoning that we used a 12 column grid upon the framework. I also ensured that all the deliverables in this build kit were Zen Garden friendly for the dev team to easily review. Furthermore, I managed the analytical aspect of this project as well, from floodlights tags to Omniture tagging, I worked with our in-house analytical team to ensure that our media agency had everything they needed.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 6.00.02 PM

A. Cut cost and dev time
B. To ensure the best U/X, thus, the user can quickly and easily get the data they need
C. From a content to an image perspective the ratio and the manageability would be the same

Check the responsive website here

Below you can a screen capture of what the site was before our revamp. 2015

Prevacid24hr Responsive Website Build Kit
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